Using a Numerological Advantage

Work often involves a lot of numbers.  But did you know that names have a numerological value too?  Every letter has its own associated number indicating its ordinal position in the alphabet.  So, even if you work with words more than with numbers, numerology can apply to what you do.

If you are creating something new and want to give it a name the is nicely balanced in numerology, we can help.  For example, if you are creating a new website and want it to have a certain domain name, we can not only help you choose between your options, but also possibly suggest alternatives.  This applies to project names, company names, service names, and so on.  Contact us for more information about this service.

Let's Look at an Example

Let's say you are planning to create a new company, or you are looking to launch a new web site. You don't certainly don't want to let your hard work and good intentions go to waste. You want to be sure that you use a balanced, powerful and attracting name to bring success to your business.

Facebook.com is such a powerful, balanced, 6-2-8 money-vibration name.  I need not describe what great successes that they have enjoyed with that name.  if you want help in determining your own great business name or the name you should be using for your web site, let us help.  We will even advise you on picking the proper domain name to help you get to the successes that you deserve.  Let us know your thoughts.