To begin this report, I will need to teach you the reader, if you do not already know, how to find the ‘digital root’ of a number.  The digital root is the base frequency of any number, which is denoted from 1 to 9 as a single digit.   So whether it is 24, which has a 6 digital root or frequency or 333 which has a 9 digital root or frequency or even 16,482 which has a 3 digital root or frequency.  Every natural number has a digital root which can be determined.

To find the digital root for any number, you take the number itself and you add up the sum of all its digits. So, as for the number shown above, 16,482, we would add 1 + 6 + 4 + 8 + 2 which gives us a 21 total. Now, if the answer you get is still more than one digit, you repeat the process again, which here, 2 + 1 = 3.  So now, 16,482 has a 3 digital root or a 3 frequency.  Anyone having simple math skills to add up a sequence numbers can do this. But as you will soon see, the significance of a number's digital root can be very important.  Much more important than you might have believed before.

Today, there are a plethora of frequency offerings on YouTube which allow a person to listen to a wide variety of various frequencies to help people with various types of issues.  Relaxation, meditation, healing, inspiration, even brain functionality are given as reason to use some frequencies.  Various parties are offering audio of 111 Hz, or 369 Hz, or 528 Hz, 714 Hz or even 963 Hz to ‘listen’ to, and so on.  Yes, I would recommend you use these, but most all, but I also need to caution you about some important exceptions.   

Firstly you need to appreciate that our world, this universe has a frequency coherence to it where many things will react to frequencies, good and bad.  This naturally Includes you and your body. There are many open examples of this works, but the fun one is that of a person taking some high frequencies and shattering a wine glass by subjecting the glass to high frequencies. We can watch now the glass shatters into a million pieces – sort of.  It does seem impressive surely but the reality is that all frequencies can and do have a very powerful effect on the physical world and it’s only a matter of how those frequencies are applied in their use, to get a positive or negative result.

When you go to YouTube you will see a bevy of many frequencies which are being called anything from the ‘God frequency’ to Angelic Frequencies, etc. which candidly are mostly just promotion of course. Now, having said that, it is true that there are frequencies to help you sleep, to relax you, to comfort you and even heal you  All of that is true.

However, on the subject of coherence and what can make a frequency even good or bad for you, know that there is a pattern, an established framework for anything dealing with frequencies.  Know too that, UNLESS the digital root of the frequency is either 3, 6 or 9, STAY AWAY!  And incidentally, if any publisher of a frequency tape, audio or video etc. does not outright publish the frequency or frequencies which they are using, STAY AWAY.  That should already tell you that something is fishy.  Why would somebody hide that information?    

When Tesla wrote: “If you knew the magnificence of the three, six and nine, you would have a key to the universe” he wasn’t kidding.  Anything which is seemingly good for you, beneficial for you, frequency wise, will have a 3, 6 or 9 digital root. Anything else: forget it.

Beyond what I’m telling you here, there has been other people have written about or exposed a plot of sorts, to see all of our music tuned to 440 Hz, which sadly the authorities have already done many years ago.  The trouble is that there are frequencies which are not sympathetic to what is truly good for us. I also find it interesting that many other people are starting to use 432 Hz as the base frequency for tuning music.  As they understand, and yes, based upon frequency coherence, 432 is just better for you. And it is.  On this subject of 440 Hz versus 432 Hz, there is a video on YouTube showing an interesting experiment where they take a metal plate and sand and they run both 440 Hz and 432 Hz through and around the plate covered in sand.  An amazing thing happens.  The 440 Hz plate has some rather blotched patters and figures in it, for which the viewer can tell that something is amiss. However, when they ran 432 Hz through the plate, amazingly the sand formed clear, concise patters and details which one could plainly observe.  Why you ask? Coherence is why. Coherence and being in resonance with other universal principals which exist. The physical manifestation of the correct frequency was evident by sight.  But don’t take my word for it, see if for yourself.

While time and space here does not allow me an opportunity to get into all of what Vortex mathematics teaches, what it implies and why, I can assure you that once you start looking at the digital roots of numbers and vibrations in many things, you WILL see a pattern.  And as you do, understand that the finger of God is written into so many different things.  Sooner or later you will come to understand that none of this by accident clearly. Not. 

Numbers play such an amazing role in our lives. But, if you are blind to it or have not as yet taken notice to these things, of course none of this will matter to you. But then again, once you see things for what they are, you will be amazed at how you never noticed so many of these things before.  Life can and will only become more exciting for you as time progresses.  Your journey back to source has only begun.  

– Stephan Venczel  [5,20,2020]