Kids - A White Paper

Our Greatest Gift

It is often said that children are our greatest gift.  They represent our future. They carry our hopes, our dreams and our aspirations in seeing someone so close to us coming to live a great life. All good parents want their children to succeed and do great things.  It is what being a good parent is all about. Parents want to give their children the best opportunities, the greatest possibilities for the children to live out the best possible life for them. It all seems so natural.   Those same parents understand that satisfaction, the joy of knowing that they as parents are on the road to success.  They want to feel a sense of fulfilment and content. They do. Humankind lives by a tenable, understandable precept that all men are created equal.  It’s just that some are created in different ways than others.  Not everyone will grow up to be a piano virtuoso, or a world champion snooker player or a Michael Jordan, or an opera singer, or a world-famous chef.  But what we can undertake to do, is to better understand the child.

People also understand that when their child is born, they do not come with an instruction manual.  They understand that the physical care and wellbeing of their child leads the way, from a standpoint of need.  Parents do this instinctively already.  But what they do not know is which direction should they be directing their child to, once the baby years are done.  What over time will really be best suited for the child?

If your child was born with natural musical instincts, would the child lose out by directing them to be a financial advisor?  If the child had a natural talent for art, should the ego of the parents dominate the child and push for the child to be a doctor?  “My daughter the Doctor” surely sounds nice, but if the world misses out on having another Rembrandt, another Picasso, then what?  Is what the parents think, is their ego driven obsession best for the child or is it what’s best for them as parents?  Would not directing the child, encouraging the child to their greatest possible fulfilment truly not be best?  Who’s interest should come first?  That answer is obvious.   But how can you come to know? What help can you get to direct you properly so that the child is best positioned to reach their highest potential?  

Today there are tools at a parent’s disposal to help them better understand what their child is really all about.  For the more you know about your child, the more insights you have about your child, the more you can guide your child to their greatest fulfilment, as they grow.

Parents now have that opportunity to point their child in the child’s best possible direction with the aid of an individual, “R-0” numerological report from Kids Digits at Elite Web.

A good analogy we might lean on is that of wine.  We know from tradition whether it is best to serve a red wind, versus a white wine.  A dry wine, versus a robust one.  A tart wine from a sweet wine.  All that may be good, but the fact is that we get the most satisfaction by applying the right wine in the right circumstances.  It just works that way.  Your child, like the wine, already exists, but by applying understanding and good taste, we can turn out the very best for the world in the various circumstances we are dealing with.  It is really that simple.  No, your child is not a wine, of course, but the analogy here shows that the way in which you apply, or direct things, can have a better than expected outcome.  That is all up to you. 

Our R-0 reports are a personalized breakdown of a single person, such as your child, showing to what they are predisposed.  Their strengths, their weaknesses, their personality type, their elemental type and so on. This report will help guide you, not only to better understand the child themselves, but it will give you a strong foundation as to what real help the child needs.  With that understanding, you can help guide them so they can reach their best or highest aspirations later in life.  Clearly, it will be the first time that you can have something in your hands which even looks like an “owner’s manual”.   Our report will help you lead your child in the right direction going forward.  It will even give you some things to allow for, to understand and go easy on the child, given their own natural tendencies which you likely did not even know about now.

All of life deals with cycles, currents and vibrations.  From the vibrations of the atom, to the frequencies of light, we see so many great examples of the kinds of variables and what kind of things can truly be possible in life.  A kid’s life is truly filled with possibilities and opportunities.  Knowing what those are beforehand, while your child is growing up, will surely help you. It will. Having a deeper appreciation for what your child is all about, what their particular strengths and weaknesses are will put you as a parent in a much stronger position when interacting with your child.  For key information, it is always better to know, than not to know.  In deciding to get that information, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain for your child’s benefit.

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