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To better understand your child, our R-0K reports are truly what you need.  Parents get a personalized rundown specific to their child and their likely predispositions:  their strengths and weaknesses, their personality type, their elemental type and so on. The report will help guide you to not only better understand your child, but it will give you a strong foundation for what real help the child will need, so that they can reach their highest potential in life.  Our report will help you direct your child in positive ways as they go forward in life. The report will even empower you to making certain allowances for the child, showing their natural tendencies or traits.  For the child, those tendencies just occur naturally, and they have no appreciation as to why.  We help guide you toward a better interaction, and likely a more loving environment.  You will learn things which you might have only suspected, or perhaps did not even know about before.

All of life deals with cycles, currents and vibrations.  From the vibrations of the atom, to the frequencies of light, we see so many great examples of the kinds of variables involved, and the kinds of things that can be truly possible in life. There are so many possibilities and wonderful opportunities in life.  Knowing what those are beforehand, while your child is growing up, will surely help you just as much as the child.  Having a deeper appreciate for what your child is all about, gives you a great advantage.  Our report will put you as a parent in a much stronger position when interacting with your child.  It is always better to know, than to not know.  For less than the price of movie, all of this help can be yours.

Insights & Guidance of the R-0K Report

The report will guide you through a number of important areas.

  • ELEMENT GROUP – You will come to better know some specific tendencies of your child when it comes to their emotional and personality disposition.  It will help you understand some important “whys” as to the kind of behavior or disposition you are seeing now in your child, and it will give you a sense of direction for how best to work with those behavior patterns.
  • VIBRATIONAL STRENGTHS – As all of life, our world is filled with the effects of vibrations and frequency.  We can benefit from those effects during our various stages of life.  In children and young adults, we know that people are directly affected by various frequencies and vibrations which in turn come to affect their behavior.  By getting to know some deeper truths about your child’s strengths early-on, you don’t have to wait until they’re moving out to college so you can truly appreciate them for who they really are.  Having our Report will give you more quality time.
  • VIBRATIONAL CHALLENGES – As life can be a balancing act with both good and bad, we all come to face challenges in our lives as well.  Sometimes those challenges can be small, sometimes big, but regardless of what those may be for your child, you can come to know those challenges early.  This will put you in a more powerful position, to help you anticipate the best choices for your child.
  • BIRTHPATH – From the time of birth, we are directed towards certain things which seem to be built into our being, as we push forward in life.  Birthpath vibrations present interesting personality traits and characteristics which a parent needs to know.  These traits stay with the child throughout their life.  When a parent comes to understand those things about their child, it will help guide them to a greater and deeper understanding of the lens through which their child sees the world.  Understanding the child’s Birthpath will enlighten you as a parent, and help lead to better parenting.
  • CYCLE YEAR – We pass through 9 different cycle years and each of those years brings grace, advantages, inhibitions, challenges of all kinds, both good and bad.  Now, if as a parent you understand what cycle year you child is in, it will give you a far better understanding of what direction or position you should be putting the child in for the current year.  There are times when some parents find that their child just jumped off into the deep end, exhibiting strange or terrible behaviors.  Parents can go through tremendous angst trying to figure out why, all-of-a-sudden, their child went from being so sweet to quickly going sideways where they are now living with Freddie Kruger.  Parents cannot for the life of them figure out what happened.  Let us take a look at their current situation.  Whether it is a cycle year challenge or possibly something else, we’ll help you get to the bottom of things.
  • VOCATION – OCCUPATION – One of the other things which relates to the Birthpath of your child is that of leading us to an understanding of what may be a good vocation or occupation for the child later.  Parents should know what life choices are best suited to their child.  The R-0K report gives you examples.   

Our R-0K reports, our personalized reading and our private consultations can really help to make your life as a parent far, far easier.  Our aim is to help make life easier for as many parents as we can.  Let us help you do exactly that. 

You can order your free report at:  Please include the child’s first name and birthdate as well.  Reports are now, until the end of April, FREE with a suggested donation of $10.00 per child’s report to cover our overhead.  *If you want your report or reports to go to a different and likely ‘private email’ which only you or your mate has access to, let us know that as well.*   

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