Date:  April 8, 2020 R1 Report             Birthdate Age  
  Tom Hanks July 9, 1956 63  
  Rita Wilson October 26, 1956 63  


Compatibility Review

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson are an Air - Fire combination, which is the most dynamic of all the elemental combinations.  As the fire person of the relationship, Rita Wilson will come to rely upon the support mechanism provided by Tom Hanks.  Rita Wilson, will find a dependency, energy-wise and emotionally, upon Tom Hanks who helps Rita Wilson to achieve more, get further, discover more about themselves and the world.

Characteristics of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

Tom Hanks's characteristics include being musical, ambitious and magnetic, and perhaps sometimes a little intolerant or overemotional.

Rita Wilson's characteristics include being sensitive, intuitive and diplomatic, but sometimes can be a little materialistic or instinctive.

Rita Wilson's strengths bring great value to the relationship.  Between the two, Tom Hanks's challenges could be more of an issue, going forward.  Appreciating each other strengths can help this relationship become great, while trying to have tolerance and support for the other's challenges.  Rita Wilson could seem a little blunt at times, but Tom Hanks's capacity to be philosophical may then come in handy, as long as they avoid seeming over-emotional.


Birthpaths describe over-riding life principals which guide life over time.  They define the kinds of things a person is drawn to and can excel at.  Taken as a group, people who share the same Birthpath have many similarities.  When people with different Birthpaths share their lives, their relationship can be greatly affected by the compatibility of their Birthpaths.  The combination of Birthpaths for Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson is a very good match.  Looking at them individually will reveal more.

Tom Hanks's Birthpath

Tom Hanks is a number 1 Birthpath.  The 1 vibration is a very active force and represents qualities of an awakened intellect.  1 stands for will and intelligence, and is the number of explanation, ruling, direction and invention.  They tend to dislike ruts and express themselves best when their hands are busy as well as their minds, as they are very independent.  They feel they must learn through their own experience.  Since they tend to refuse to accept anything not detected by the five senses, they could benefit by trying to cultivate spirituality, unselfishness and generosity.  They could help that effort by applying their impressive originality and inventive ability.

Rita Wilson's Birthpath

Rita Wilson is a 3 Birthpath which is a scattering number that means experience, and stands for freedom, both financially and spiritually.  3's tend to be musical, entertaining, a helper of humanity, and a peacemaker.  They can be wonderful as a friend or colleague, but they would benefit from becoming more stabilized, learning system, focus and concentration.  They are quick to respond to the emotions of others, have many love affairs, but are not wholly fortunate in marriage.  In a romantic relationship, they can be inclined to cause separation or divorce through uncontrollable emotions.  Their special ability lies in art, music, writing, acting, and the occult.  To be fulfilled, they must use self-expression to work as a teacher or leader with people who want to learn. If they are open to that, they can rise to any heights through their magnetic personality and wonderful ability to express.

Looking Ahead

2020 for Tom Hanks

This 3 cycle year is an optimistic period, and a time of hope.  The first important stages of life for their plan have been realized.  They are on their way to seeing what they have started, become realized as a full idea.

2020 for Rita Wilson

This 5 cycle year is a time for relief.  The challenges, and past negative conditions, ease and it is a good time to focus on growth.  The work applied now will lay the groundwork for positive change coming in the next year.

 Person   Life Phase Element Type Element Number Birthpath Cycle
Strengths Challenges
 Tom Hanks Omega Air 9 1 3 3 3
 Rita Wilson Omega Fire 8 3 5 2 4
77%  Compatibility 83%   77% 86% 78% 42%



For the truest comparison that we could get, we created a report for the kids' wedding day back in 1988.  We wanted to look back at that date in time, their wedding day, to see from that point going forward, what their future held.  Suffice to say, it was very good.  Our current report very much speaks to the fact that these folks have been together as long as they have and truly, the classical ‘till death do us part’ will remain in effect. Not only do they have a great compatibility score, but there are some major underlying issues which not only keep them together, but also helps to strengthen their relationship over time, as is the case here.

The Air – Fire combination is always an interesting dynamic. It plays to where the emotional and the energy support is going, from one partner to another.  In this case, with Tom being the Air group person, he is the one who is emotionally and psychologically supporting Rita in their relationship.  That does not mean, per se, that she does not support and provide Tom with uplifting and support, but it does mean that the majority of time, the energy is going from him to her.

To Tom:  Sir, you need to close, finish, conclude wrap-up everything, every outstanding thing or piece of business before you this year which you can.   Rita can attest to the fact that a 4-cycle year, which was her year last year, can bring issues.  So in 2021, you yourself will be in a 4-cycle year coming up.  This year, 2020, can and will hold a lot of promise as we’ve described, but do your best not to leave any loose ends by the end of this year.  As a 1 Birthpath, maintain a focus outward, not inward. Help as many people as you can on the outside, even outside your sphere of direct influence, knowing that all that good will come back to you very seriously, with all kinds of rewards beyond money.  Be self-less, not selfish. They’re different.

To Rita:  Ma’am you have enjoyed the fruits and have benefitted from a great relationship, with a great man.  I would put money on the fact that the two of you will always be together, and in love.  That’s the good news.  The not-so-great news is that while Tom is an Air group person, he’s also a 9 of the day, and that can bring issues. We use a very powerful tool called a life diamond and to be candid, what happens is that when you put that ever-so-powerful 9 in, it can create an intensity which needs some attention.  When a 9 of the day is happy, you have to scrape them off the ceiling.  When they’re down or depressed, you need to bring a backhoe to dig them out.  They can get to extremes of the same scale very quickly, but I’m sure that none of this is news to you.  But what it does do, for both the negative and positive qualities they have, is intensify all.  Good is really good; bad, well not so much.  I have no doubt that you have easily come to master all of that over the years together, but its not common knowledge about Tom.  His public persona is so great that likely nobody would even care.  But that’s not the same as living with somebody, surely.  That’s different. 

I will happily guide Tom and provide assistance to him on his challenging year coming next and help guide him to the best possible preparation that he can take next year.     – N6