Date:  April 6, 2020 R1 Report              Birthdate Age  
  Orlando Bloom January 13, 1977 43  
  Katy Perry October 25, 1984 35  

Compatibility Review

Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry are a Water - Fire combination, which is generally one of the most challenging.  Orlando Bloom's passion, dedication and striving must co-exist with Katy Perry's attitude of not seeming to care.  When Orlando Bloom wants to move on, to be better, get better, have more, have better, typical Water group people, like Katy Perry, might yawn and ask 'how' that will make things better for 'today'?  Katy Perry has a need for stability or calm today, and they want their quality of life to be better today.  To make it work, they need to exhibit patience and understanding, going forward with an acceptance of the situation.  Orlando Bloom also needs to understand that Katy Perry's concerns are not a personal attack, but an expression of their need for emotional and physical stability.

Characteristics of Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry

Orlando Bloom's characteristics include being accumulative, conscientious and versatile, and perhaps sometimes a little selfish or miserly.

Katy Perry's characteristics include being witty, candid and individualistic, but sometimes can be a little desiring or temperamental.

Katy Perry's strengths bring great value to the relationship.  Focussing more on the strengths of both parties will help this relationship.  While strengths are not a perfect match, there is good likelihood that support and understanding for each other's challenges can help this relationship become good.  While Katy Perry may tend to be somewhat foolish, Orlando Bloom's ability to be intellectual without being domineering, could help in those situations.


Birthpaths describe over-riding life principals which guide life over time.  They define the kinds of things a person is drawn to and can excel at.  Taken as a group, people who share the same Birthpath have many similarities.  When people with different Birthpaths share their lives, their relationship can be greatly affected by the compatibility of their Birthpaths.  The combination of Birthpaths for Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry is not the best match.  Looking at them individually will reveal more.

Orlando Bloom's Birthpath

As a 2 Birthpath, Orlando Bloom is affectionate, good-natured, agreeable, courteous, warm-hearted, kind in manner and can easily gain friends.  They are very sensitive and can be affected by other people.  They can form partnerships in marriage or business, but may well need encouragement when alone.  They are fond of pleasure, society and the company of young people.  They love music, painting, fine arts, and are quick to judge between right and wrong.  They can fall in love readily, and have a passion for those they are physically attracted to.  They can develop psychic qualities, are collectors of many things, and are what some might call a seer.

Katy Perry's Birthpath

Katy Perry is a 3 Birthpath which is a scattering number that means experience, and stands for freedom, both financially and spiritually.  3's tend to be musical, entertaining, a helper of humanity, and a peacemaker.  They can be wonderful as a friend or colleague, but they would benefit from becoming more stabilized, learning system, focus and concentration.  They are quick to respond to the emotions of others, have many love affairs, but are not wholly fortunate in marriage.  In a romantic relationship, they can be inclined to cause separation or divorce through uncontrollable emotions.  Their special ability lies in art, music, writing, acting, and the occult.  To be fulfilled, they must use self-expression to work as a teacher or leader with people who want to learn. If they are open to that, they can rise to any heights through their magnetic personality and wonderful ability to express.

Looking Ahead

2020 for Orlando Bloom

This a 1 cycle year, which is a time for the initial planning of things.  It is also a time for looking at those things in a person's life to renew, or begin again.  Possibilities include a new career, new projects, new acquisitions, new relationships, new friendships, a new home; just "new".  Its an ideal time to be contemplating things to start, change, replace, improve or renew.

2020 for Katy Perry

This 4-cycle year is known as the "karmatic year" and one in which all manner of testing conditions will present themselves, while seeing individual growth.  Even though they will experience changing conditions, it is part of the process that will help them become stronger.

 Person   Life Phase Element Type Element Number Birthpath Cycle
Strengths Challenges
 Orlando Bloom Power Fire 4 2 1 6 8
 Katy Perry Power Water 7 3 4 1 9
50%  Compatibility 33%   64% 21% 61% 50%



Katy, for 2020, is in a 4-cycle year this year.  The 4-cycle year is the most challenging and the descriptions in this report are based on 2020.   My advice to the lady is be very diligent and careful this year, as you can and will likely get hit by circumstances and by conditions that you were both not expecting, and things can and will very easily change on you. And they will.

The scoring went up and it is on the line of a relationship which will “need work”.  The fact is that these personality types, with Orlando being Fire and Katy being Water, truly differ. Fire group people can be quite intense, dedicated and directed by what they do in life and what they want.  Water on the other hand wants peace and serenity, with little upset or waves as possible.  Now that the lady is expecting a child, she will want, even more, to have quiet, stability and assuredness in her life like never before.  One can expect that she is truly looking forward to great things, but she needs to be aware that this year, of any of the 9 possible cycle years, will bring its own challenges overall.  Should be an interesting exercise in survival and patience.

To Orlando:  Your likely/expected future wife is a 3 Birthpath, and as such, she is living out the perfect life, for her, with her music career.  It is for a 3, one their highest aspirations.  Which is ideal. You will need to appreciate that even with you as a 2 Birthpath and with all your diplomatic qualities that you have to give this lady space and understanding that her ideals are different from yours.  You are dedicated, you truly know what you want in life and in things around you. However, please understand that even if or when Katy becomes your wife, that you will, by default, get carte blanch support in all things. To her, she will come to weigh things against her current condition asking herself, and you, how to do the thing you want or want to do, to make things in our lives better or more stable?  You may end up hearing that a lot, so expect it.

To Katy:  One of the bigger reasons why I would even give you a chance for success in your marriage is that Orlando is a 2 Birthpath and they are very much into ‘coupling’.  They usually see themselves as part of a couple, a team, and their outlook is very much slanted to that of the ‘couple’ or us.  They are not selfish that way and look to how things affect ‘us as a couple’. The other thing about a 2, is that they make friends easily and are traditionally very diplomatic.  So even if you go off and do something quirky, whatever that may be, know that he will look for a way or ways to handle the situation diplomatically, and he will.  Just make sure that the pool is not super deep when you jump in.  There will be boundaries.  Know that you have a man who knows what he wants, where he wants to go in life, and he has great or greater expectations.  Support and understanding will take you far in your marriage.

Postscript:  In all candor I have been a personal fan of these two people and would only, ever, wish them the best and greatest success for them overall.  But, as a numerologist, I have to follow the facts. There are issues.  I would only ever hope for the best, for them and their new family.  Be careful Katy this year. Be mindful of all.   - N6