Date:  April 6, 2020 R1 Report             Birthdate Age  
  Justin Bieber March 1, 1994 26  
  Haley Baldwin November 22, 1996 23  

Compatibility Review

Justin Bieber and Haley Baldwin are a Water - Fire combination, which is generally one of the most challenging.  Haley Baldwin's passion, dedication and striving must co-exist with Justin Bieber's attitude of not seeming to care.  When Haley Baldwin wants to move on, to be better, get better, have more, have better, typical Water group people, like Justin Bieber, might yawn and ask 'how' that will make things better for 'today'?  Justin Bieber has a need for stability or calm today, and they want their quality of life to be better today.  To make it work, they need to exhibit patience and understanding, going forward with an acceptance of the situation.  Haley Baldwin also needs to understand that Justin Bieber's concerns are not a personal attack, but an expression of their need for emotional and physical stability.

Characteristics of Justin Bieber and Haley Baldwin

Justin Bieber's characteristics include being analytical, reliable and intellectual, and perhaps sometimes a little easy-living or lazy-minded.

Haley Baldwin's characteristics include being modest, conscientious and accumulative, but sometimes can be a little jealous or turbulent.

This relationship benefits from Justin Bieber's strengths.  However, Haley Baldwin's challenges could become an issue for the relationship.  While strengths are not a perfect match, there is good likelihood that support and understanding for each other's challenges can help this relationship become good.  Haley Baldwin could seem a little oversensitive at times, but Justin Bieber's capacity to be persevering may then come in handy, as long as they avoid seeming passive.


Birthpaths describe over-riding life principals which guide life over time.  They define the kinds of things a person is drawn to and can excel at.  Taken as a group, people who share the same Birthpath have many similarities.  When people with different Birthpaths share their lives, their relationship can be greatly affected by the compatibility of their Birthpaths.  The combination of Birthpaths for Justin Bieber and Haley Baldwin is a very good match.  Looking at them individually will reveal more.

Justin Bieber's Birthpath

Justin Bieber is a 9 Birthpath, which brings a deep insight into, or understanding of, life in all its aspects.  Mystics call it the number of love, referring to the highest essence of universal and personal love.  They can be prudent, seeing the serious side of life, as well as understanding, and appreciate the ridiculous side.  When living up to their higher nature, they are warm hearted, sympathetic and must minister to humanity.  While they have a deep love of home and home life, their home may be frequently broken up or rendered unpleasant in some way.  If that happens and their negative side shows, they may become materialistic and selfish.  They must learn to control any violent temper in that case, since it would render their home unpleasant to live in.  Being the number of love, 9's can sink very low if their love of self becomes uncontrolled.  All 9’s must learn to overcome self, desire and self-love.  9 people are capable of holding positions of trust and responsibility, and are very intuitive.

Haley Baldwin's Birthpath

Haley Baldwin is a 4 Birthpath, giving them the ability to take on hard work and study.  4's can work hard with their minds and hands, are great at seeking scientific truths, and can easily carry a burden for others.  They are very adaptable, can do many things well, and are builders of character.  While practically minded, they are intellectual and ambitious to get ahead materially.  If not living up to their highest potential, they may tend to become more of a clock-watcher, disliking the work and losing ambition.  4 people have strong physical natures, are very honest in their dealings, but can have a temper.

Looking Ahead

2020 for Justin Bieber

This is a year for spiritual harvest.  The 9 cycle year is a spiritual time of examination, review and looking back over the last eight years.  Initially appreciating all that has happened, the time closer to the end of the year involves reflection and serious self-examination in anticipation of what is to come.

2020 for Haley Baldwin

This 2 cycle year can be a time of germination to build on an earlier initiative.  The development of that initiative may mean both foundation building as well as further development of the idea.  This can also be a time for furthering associations with others to help with that growth and development.

 Person   Life Phase Element Type Element Number Birthpath Cycle
Strengths Challenges
 Justin Bieber Alpha Water 1 9 9 4 2
 Haley Baldwin Alpha Fire 4 4 2 6 7
65%  Compatibility 33%   77% 71% 69% 75%



Our chart shows that, outside of the Elemental comparison of these two, they have a very strong chart and have great chances as a life-long partners going forward.  The challenges come from that fact that Justin is a water group person, needs emotional stability, emotional honesty in his life, while Haley is a Fire group person and she is very dedicated to her career and family, which is great for Justin, but she as other fire group people can let their passion get away from them and can over-react to things beyond what the situation may call for.  Justin is in a 9 Cycle year, so he will be looking back at his life this year, more towards the last quarter, asking himself a lot of hard questions about his life, his decisions and what thing he has accomplished and what things he might have wanted to accomplish.  Are they the same and is he satisfied with what he has done so far in his life.  Haley on the other hand is into the foundational, growth period and there is a lot of space yet, a number of things to do for her, going forward. She has to allow things to mature more, to grow more, letting no negative thoughts or issues, no concerns should mire her in any direction.  Lots is still to happen yet for her, and for them.

To HALEY, I would tell her that with JUSTIN being a 9 Birthpath and he has and is fulfilling his greatest aspirations doing what he is doing with his music.  He can and will aspire to things beyond his music but know that his deep expressions of life and love come through him creatively, as he quietly prides himself in being to bring those out that way.  Encourage him in whatever he may be doing creatively, assuring him that the best results for him are yet to come.

To JUSTIN, I would advise that with HALEY being a 4 Birthpath, that you likely get a calm, an assuredness with her that you may not have found much of or easily out there.  You can rely upon her to be there and to give you insights and guidance which she gives for your benefit.  That is real.  Know that to her, physical love, even sex is not just a physical act but a demonstration of her deep feelings towards you as 4’s don’t think of it as just a physical act.  For her, it reflects a deep, emotional base and know that when she has opened up to you that way, its very important, very deeply seated in her.  4’s are different that way.  She won’t just blurt things out, but when she confides in you, when she opens up to you, it’s the real thing.  They have no agenda that way. It’s her expression of being real with you, not a show.  4’s don’t work that way. When they love, they love very deeply.

Lastly, for both of you, let me tell you that given you’re both fairly young, that change is coming. When Justin turns 28, he will come into a different Life Phase, a different time and he will begin to change in some significant way, just as Haley will at 28.  You will be entering into what we would call your ‘power phase’ 28 to 54 years of age and your personality traits, your strengths and weaknesses will change.  So first, for Haley, understand that in the coming year, you will begin to see things in Justin which you may not have seen before, but show as much patience and love as you can.  In a few years, Haley will begin to make a transition to changes and she also will come to be different. Know that its all for the better and know that life brings us through these things to help us grow and expand.  The caterpillar always changes into a beautiful butterfly.  Be patient, knowing that the best is yet to come.