COVID-19 Couples Fatigue – FREE REPORT

Can a Free Report Ease Your Relationship?

We all understand that we are operating, existing in very unusual times today. We have never seen such overwhelming efforts to fight a virus like this ever before. 

One of the natural consequences of what we are now all living with, is the fact that people are being forced to spend unusual amounts of time together with their mate, with their partners.  So whether its husbands and wives, common-law relationships or just ‘live-ins’, people are together through these times nearly all the time.  Usually between work, socializing or other ‘normal’ human interaction, people just got out more. But now, that is not happening like it used to.  We are all forced to be with our mates, partners, etc. nearly constantly.  Couples are forced to get up together, eat all their meals together, socialize at night together and then sleep together, with no breaks like before.  The consequence of all this is that it puts an unnatural intensity on people which was just simply not there before. 

One of the natural consequences of all this, is it has created kind of a “couple’s fatigue” where we just don’t get to have any kind of breather.  It goes to make everything more intense, more detailed and we are seeing that this is having an effect upon couples like never before.  While you used to be able to get out, get some fresh air, gain new perspectives on your mate etc. that seems no longer possible today.  So now what?

As a public service for any and all couples who have found themselves in these circumstances, we are now offering our Compatibility Reports to any couple FREE.  Request your free couples reportAll you have to do is merely request it.  Now, you ask, ‘…so how will that help?”

Let’s start with the premise that the person that is now with you, had something about them which you found to be attractive.  Something you felt was desirable in them, which you wanted to have or keep.  Yes, the situation has made things more intense, but at the heart of it all, likely that person has not so totally changed that it’s now time to call it quits.  Instead, what our report will help you with, is to give you an opportunity to see them in a much fuller and better light overall.  Yes, there could be something now which has got you irritated, but as things soon recover and get back to normal, the more that you understand them better now, the more you will allay your concerns, allowing you to focus on the great qualities that they have.  The report will also give you something of a ‘discussion’ paper to review and to better understand them as a person.  It will give you great information about the two of you, why you’re compatible and to ease some of the tension which may now exist between you. 

In our current (past?) society, couples weren’t expect to spend 23 and half hours a day together constantly.  People are just not used to being that close and intense with someone nearly all of the time.  But coming to better understand your mate now, more than ever, will help you both to dial back the intensity and it will help both of you to relax some, so that you can get a better perspective on things, without blowing everything up; about which I can safely say, most of you do not want to see happen.

I want you to understand that this multi-page report is not a ‘smear’ thing at all, and yes, there will be some great qualities about your mate that you will be advised of.  Some of which you may already know, some not.  And to be blunt, YOU will also be discussed along with your partner as well.  None of us are perfect and we all have our foibles, surely.  You also be described, just as they will be.  So you can also think of it as an opportunity for personal growth as well. What I am truly hoping is that you will take the time to read and study first, alone, where later you can bring it to your mate and advise them; “..honey I have something I need to share with you…”  It will be at that point that you will have your opportunity to open the door to all, good and bad, so that it will give you an opportunity to take some time together and let it all hang out, so to speak.  Maybe you don’t know how or when to talk to your partner, what could or would be the most ideal circumstances to open that door, but I know that the report will then give you that chance. 

I will offer FREE reports until the end of the month to help any and all couples with the stresses we are all now going through. Given you didn’t pay for the report, nothing about any kind of price or payment can bring any argument between you. The report will only have your and your mate’s first name and we do not collect any kind of data on anybody, so you’re safe.  But if you need something, anything of an excuse to open the door to a frank discussion, you now have it.

Later, if you feel that we helped you, you can consider making a small donation to us to help us cover our operating costs.  Sure, that will would be nice.  But for now, you have nothing to concern yourself with about money. 

Lastly, I would like to tell you that yes, I consider myself as a humanitarian, a good person and one who cares about people.  Most people do not understand or appreciate the science that we use to put our reports out.  This will be unlike anything you’ve gotten before, and we are convinced that as we as a society mature and grow, numerology will continue to be seen in a better light.   But you can be the judge of that yourself.

I hope that we can help you and your mate be better prepared for the days and weeks ahead by strengthening your current relationship in a framework of love, respect and understanding.

Request your free couples reportBlessings to your and your family,

Stephan Venczel  

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