Couples and

Is There a Number for That?

Numerology is based on the numbers 1 through 9.  That's it!  You don't have to know any mind-straining math to know what your number is.  It is just a single digit!  Yes, there are different numbers for different things, like the number for the kind of year you are going through, but that's where it gets interesting.  Knowing ahead of time that this year holds a certain direction for you can be empowering.

What about your partner?  Wouldn't you like to know what they are going through this year?  What about that tendency they have all the time, not just this year.  Could that be part of a characteristic they were born with?  We call that number their "Birthpath" because it tells us much about their personality characteristics that they have had from birth.

How do these characteristics interplay in a couple?  One of the most influential things about a person is what we call their "Elemental Sign".  It has three possibilities:  Air, Fire and Water.  Put together two people with the same sign, and you have a relationship where there is inate understanding of the issues, challenges and accomplishments that the other partner is experiencing, because they apply to themselves as well.  When partners have different Elemental signs, watch out!  Things can get very interesting.

We give these names to the Elemental signs for a reason.  Fire is hot and takes on things with great fervor.  But if you give Air to a Fire, as a partner, then that Fire sign can reach amazing new heights!  You see what we mean by the names of the signs?  It can be the opposite if you match that Fire sign person with a Water sign.  Water wants everything to stay calm and peaceful everyday, especially today.  That approach can put a real damper on the asperations of the Fire sign partner.Free Report

These are just the "bold strokes" of numerology for people in a relationship.  There are lots of other things, and nuances, that come out when you look at the interaction of two people through numerology.  That's why we created a special report that is simple to understand, about any two people as partners.  Take you and your parnter.  What do you think you could learn that would help you in your relationship with them?  Is your partner stifling a talent or ability that comes to them naturally?  If you knew, you might help to bring it out and strengthen it.  On the negative side, is there a behavior they exhibit that has always been a challenge for you to experience?  Do you know which of your strengths would be best used at those times to improve your relationship? 

Our Elite Web R1 Compatibility Report, called Insights and Compatibility Notes, explores these issues and answers these questions.  It gives you not only a graphical summary of your situation with your partner, but also shows you the areas where you are most compatible along with the degree of that compatibility.  The report gives recommendations about what you can do to improve the situation at a time when agrevation might creep in.  As a summary report and introduction to the numerological analysis of your relationship it has vital information for you, explaining details you might have only previously wondered about. 
You can order one today and have your R1 ICN Report that describes the two of you and your relationship sent to you by email.

If you would like a more detailed report about your relationship, our R2 ICN Report goes deeper and also comes with an optional "reading session" with a numerologist to answer your questions.  Please contact us about setting up a session for you.