Numerology & Digitz

Numerology is the ancient study of numbers, their symbolism, and how the frequencies and vibrations that numbers represent all come to affect you, your life and the lives of others around you.  Think of it as a radio which you cannot as yet hear because you have no way of tuning in to that beautiful music which is playing.  Well, now you will be able to.

As with all things, with a deeper and better understanding of our world, numerology has progressed and continues to progress over time.  Numerology has evolved through a number of forms ranging from Judaic traditions, Vedic, Chaldean, Kabilarian, with even more advanced systems that we are now using.

Digitz℠ is an organization dedicated to using the most modern of numerology tools, some of which we have developed, along with the most well-established constructs for numbers themselves, their meaning and their usefulness to best guide you in your life.  We look to assist all people in their daily lives.

So within the realms of personal advancement, dating, providing assistance and guidance with children and even companies who need help with their recruiting concerns, we are here to help.  Because we publish a variety of reports to help, we would ask that you review our web site to see which great things we can help you with, to make your journey through life all that much better.


Reading Brings Understanding

"Spot on reading that not only nailed my traits, character, talents and career but also offered some great guidance. One thing in particular that stood out was saying I must always work with inferiors who want to learn. I seem to draw those people but sometimes get frustrated I always am the teacher and wish I had someone like me to learn from sometimes.

Now I know that’s not my path and in accepting that I not only need to be be the teacher, it will also allow me to thrive. Super helpful piece right there. Also described perfectly where I am this year in that cycle. Excellent reading."

-- Michael